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Taking Spring Break In High School

It used to be that Spring Break was only attended by College Students but it seems like more and more High School Students have joined the ranks of the spring breakers. Is this a good idea? Some may argue not for reasons such as the case of Natalee Holloway or more recently Britney Drexel have gone missing and have not yet been found. This a good reason for parents of high school students not to allow their kids to go on these spring breaks.

Spring breakers have gotten the reputation for heavy drinkers and heavy partiers. Even though you have seen shows like MTVís Spring Break, you may agree. But believe it or not there are students who enjoy going to spring break to just relax from high school and take a brief vacation from their families.

If your high school student wants to go on spring break, you should consider something. It would not be advisable for students who are not seniors to go on a spring break. High School Seniors would not be much older if they were to attend College spring break when they are freshman. But in lieu of them going on spring break with other college students, try to compromise.

Maybe offer a weekend away for them a few of their friends to a close by location. Students younger than college age are not ready to go on spring break. They get so wrapped up in having a good time that they tend to forget about the important thing like safety.

Teenagers think that they are invincible and that nothing is going to happen to them. They let their guards down and next thing you know, maybe they lose their wallets or their pocketbooks get stolen. Safety is a number one concern of parents of all students who go on spring break. Some high school programs provide a high school chaperone to take students on a mini spring break. This may be something that you can look into and see if maybe your high school student would be interested in going.

If you are very concerned about your student attending spring break as a high school student then talk to the school and the chaperones if any. Make it clear to your child what safety precautions that they must take in order to be safe. Donít let them go unless at least 3 of their other friends are going. Make sure that your students knows how to protect themselves and how to make sure that their cell phone are always on and they never go out on their own.

Talk to the parents of the other students that are allowing their kids to go on spring break. Make sure that they call you one or twice a day and that if they encounter any problems at all that they should talk to the Police or Hotel Security. It may seem lame to your kids but explain that it is best to be safe than sorry.
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