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A Different Way To Spend Spring Break

When spring break comes around as it does every year, wouldn’t you like to do something different than spend a week partying and drinking? There are some great ways to have a great spring break without losing some part of your memory. Rather than hit a beach a few hundred miles away you can spend some time on local beaches and stimulate your community’s economy. You may not want to spend everyday on the beach, so you will want to do something that is worthwhile.

One way is to volunteer to read to sick children in the hospital. Contact your local children’s wing in the local hospital and see if they would like a volunteer to come in and read and play games with the sick children. They would really enjoy someone coming in and spending some time with them. The same can be done with the elderly staying in the hospital too. It would mean so much to them and you would be doing a great thing.

You could also volunteer at the Red Cross; they are always looking for volunteers to help with supplies, distributing supplies to those in need. There are other volunteer organizations to choose from such as Habitat for Humanity. They help build homes for local families who cannot afford a place of their own. They need volunteers who will perform building tasks, carpentry, plumbing or just act as a general volunteer. You can find your local chapter online, simply type in Habitat for Humanity and your city and state and you will find the local chapter that you can call to find out how to volunteer.

There are so many different other ways in which you can volunteer your time. You can volunteer in your local community by volunteering to clean up parks, your can volunteer to help your neighbor clean up their yards or you can just spend the your spring break week on your own, doing odd jobs at home, for the local hospital or your neighbors who really need it. If you need some extra ideas here are some more ways that you can spend a great spring break without spending a lot of money or traveling far.

Gather some friends together and head to Atlantic City. It is a great place to spend the weekend. You can take the bus and relax on the way there; if you are over 21 you can gamble and if you are under age then you can spend the weekend on the Jersey Shore. If relaxation is just what you want to do then gather some friends and head to the beach. If you live on Long Island there are plenty of beaches that you can go to. If you live in California there are plenty of other beaches to choose from.

There are amusement parks where you can spend the day. There are summer or spring concerts to go to there are just some days when you may just want to spend the day at the swimming pool. Spring break doesn’t have to be a wild party. It can be anything that you want it to be.
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