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College Vs Online Colleges

Today, students have a choice of which College they want to attend. They work hard their entire lives and when they finally are ready to attend College, life gets in the way. With College tuition costs rising and students having to work and go to school at the same time. College starts to seem like a faded memory. Today there is a choice you can send your child to a brick and mortar College or there are hundreds of Online Colleges all over the Internet. Which is better? Letís take a look and see what the benefits are to attending a College and studying online.

The benefit of attending a College is that you get the College experience. You get to see a new chapter in your academic life. You will learn more about deadlines and cramming for exams. College has a certain pressure to it that helps prepare you for the job world. If the student is having trouble or has to ask a question, the professor is right in front of them. They can get instant help but at the same time most College students have to work as well as go to school. This can start to affect the studentís study habits too.

A benefit for attending an online college is that you have the opportunity to learn and study at your own pace. You choose when you attend school and the best part about an online College is that if the weather is beautiful outside and you want to be outside but you want to attend class, you can take the computer outside and enjoy the weather and get an education too. Another benefit of attending Online Colleges is that by studying at your own pace the attendance is better. With regular Colleges your car could break down or the weather may be bad. But it doesnít stop you from attending the online college.

Another great benefit of attending an online College is the cost. By attending College from home you arenít paying for the cost of attendance, room and board or even books. This helps keep the tuition down. Tuition can range from $ 15,000 to $ 19,500 for the entire course of study. Compare that to a 4year regular College.

The negatives of going to a regular College is that students get caught up in Campus Life the first year and sometimes their studies arenít being done because they are enjoying the social aspect of College to much. The negative of an online College is that students donít get any social interaction. Everything is done from your own personal computer. If you are really serious about attending College then you will want to check out several online College Campuses and then compare them to the Colleges you child may want to attend. Costs are cheaper at an online university and financial aid is available. You have to decide which way you will benefit best from? The choice is yours.
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