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Jobs For Students On Campus

Most teenagers are so excited to become college students that they don’t think about the things they’re going to have to do when they got to college. For instance, they forget about the amount of work they’re going to have and about the fact that they’ll have no income to help them along. When they see something they want to buy, they’ll often reach into an empty wallet. This is why many students look for jobs when they’re at school, so that they can have a little extra spending money. Fortunately there are plenty of jobs for students right on campus.

Jobs On Campus

Colleges need people to staff them, and many times they find those people right on the campus. And why wouldn’t they? A college holds hundreds of eager workers who will work for much less pay than most adults would. The truth, however, is that jobs for students on campus are great for college students because they allow them to work without having to travel very far.

Types of Jobs

There are tons of different types of jobs for students on campus. First let’s talk about the kitchen. The cafeteria needs people to staff it, including those to bus tables and even those to help the chef. More than one student has changed their mind about their career choice after being the chef’s helper in the kitchen for a few semesters.

Those who don’t like the kitchen can get a job working in the clerical industry. Most offices in the college need people to help them. Many students find that they love working at the college, and some even go on to pursue masters in field such as financial aid.

You can also begin working in the information office. Colleges have information offices because they’re so large, and a job in the information office is extremely easy. It teaches you how to answer phones correctly, and how to deal with the public, and in many cases it’s a great thing to add to your resume!

There are many different types of jobs for students that are available to choose from on campus. The trick to getting a good one is to snag one as soon as you get to campus, or even before you get to campus if you can. Once you get a job you love, ask your supervisor if you can work towards making it permanent during your time at college so that you never have to worry about having money in your pocket.
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