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International Exchange Student: Homesick Defined

Do you remember the first time you spent the night away from your parentsí house? If youíre like most children, you likely felt uneasy and had a ball of nausea in your stomach that wouldnít go away. Itís natural to feel homesick when youíre not at home, as the majority of us are people who like our homes and enjoy spending time there. Home is where our comfort zone is, and when we step out of that comfort zone, we get uncomfortable.

Becoming homesick is one of the biggest problems that an international exchange student faces. Often when a student signs up for foreign exchange student programs, theyíre thinking about the fun theyíll have being away from their parents and being in a new country. They donít stop to think about how they will come to miss their homes and families when theyíre far apart from them, and many students drop out of the program before itís finished because they miss their home so much. Dealing with the Problem

If youíre contemplating being an international exchange student, there are a few ways that you can deal with this issue so that you can enjoy your stay in a new country. First of all, acknowledge that you do miss your home. Many people who are homesick make the situation worse by trying to deny what theyíre feeling. Acknowledge that you miss your home and your family so that you can then process the feelings that youíre having.

Try to have a schedule to keep in touch with your loved ones. Whether itís by email, or by phone, try to have a specific schedule in your mind so that you can have fairly frequent contact with your friends and family while youíre away. While youíre corresponding with them, you can help them to understand what itís like to be an international exchange student.

Remember that your visit will only be for a certain time. After the set period, you will be back on a plane headed home. If you were to leave early, youíd never experience the majority of things that youíll be able to experience if you are to stay.

The thing to remember about this problem is that it passes. As long as you acknowledge your feelings and set up contact with home, youíll be able to thoroughly enjoy your stay in a foreign country.
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