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Moving Back Home After College

If you are one of those students who are well into their last year of College, the thought of moving back home may be a bit unnerving. You have had 4 years of being independent and doing this when you want and with whom you want without anyone to offer their opinion. Now you have to face the fact that you will be moving back home. You may here from time to time you live under my roof and these are my rules.

These are the terms in which you must live until the time comes to save enough money and go out on your own. Some students make the mistake of thinking they cannot go back to the way it was after a few years of being independent. When you left home you were most likely 18 and barely an adult but you are now around 21 or 22 and you have aged and become more mature.

Being independent and having to do things for yourself such as laundry, studying, going to work and overall taking care of yourself has made you more grown up than your parents may want to admit. If you are moving back home after College, sit down with your parents and talk about what it is going to be like. You have to remember that they have been without you for 4 years of living in their house on a daily basis. It is going to be an adjustment for both of you.

Sit down with them and discuss what your plans are. They donít want to see you lying on the couch after you spend 4 years in College. Discuss your plans for getting a job and what you are going to do in the meantime. If you donít have a car then this will be something that you will have to discuss with them. Your parents are there to help you; they are for you not against you. They make the rules to protect you, which you have probably heard a million times throughout your life.

If you want to be treated as an adult then you have to act like an adult. Take finding a job seriously. If you are having trouble finding a job right away then get a small part time job. You have spent the last 4 years taking care of the things you need so donít fall back into having your parents do everything for you. Stay strong, chances are if you are serious about finding a job then you wonít have your parents on your back.

Just because school is over and you spent the last 4 years working your tail off it doesnít mean that you deserve a huge vacation it simply means welcome to the adult world. There is nothing wrong with taking a few weeks off in the summer to relax and get readjusted to being home but talk to your parents and see what kind of time frame they are keeping for you to start looking for work. Coming home to stay after College is a big readjustment so it will take some time for both you and your parents to get back into the groove. It will all feel like the way it was before you left in no time.
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