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TAP Grants for New York Residents

TAP Grants are for residents of New York State. The TAP Grants or the Tuition Assistance Program is for students attending school based in New York State. The TAP Award can be a maximum of $ 5000; the TAP Grant doesnít have to be repaid back since it is a grant. If you live in New York State and are attending College in New York State, you can be eligible for the grant. Here are some of the requirements.

∑ You must be a United States Citizen or an Eligible Non Citizen ∑ You must be a legal resident of New York State ∑ You must be enrolled in an approved postsecondary institution in New York State ∑ You must have graduated from a High School in the United States or earned a GED or passed an Ability to Benefit Test given by the Commissioner of the State Education Department. ∑ You must be a full time student taking 12 or more credits each semester ∑ You have to be matriculated in an approved program of study and must be in good academic standing. ∑ You must have a C average after you have received 2 annual payments ∑ Your tuition costs must be at least $ 200 per year.

There are so many grants out there and if you live in the New York State area then the TAP Grant would be a great addition to your other financial aid. There are some factors that will determine the amount of the award given. These factors are the academic year in which the very first TAP payment was made or if you are receiving other grants from the state. The type of school you are attending and what those tuition costs are. Your combined family NYS net taxable income includes the Federal, State or Local Pension Income. Your financial status and the award will depend on whether or not your family has more than one family member in college.

The qualifications we mentioned are for full time students; TAP does have an award for part time students. To meet the eligibility requirements you have earned more than 12 credits in two consecutive semesters and you must have a C average. You must also be a United States Citizen and a legal resident of New York. Only these schools are eligible The State University of New York (SUNY) or the City University of New York (CUNY) and the Not for Profit independent degree granting colleges.

You can contact your guidance counselor for the application or contact the financial aid office at the school you are attending for the application. The more credits you enroll in the more grant money you will receive. Before you apply for TAP you must fill out the FAFSA or Free Application for Federal Aid. This is now a requirement you have to fill out in order to get the financial aid or grant you are requesting.
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