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Scholarships for Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts

There are scholarships out there from many different types of organizations. The Boy and Girl Scouts are no different. As their requirements go, once you have had an affiliation with either organization you have a chance to let them help you secure funding for College. There are two different sections of scholarships, the Regional and the National Scouts Scholarship.

You are not limited to applying for one scholarship. For example, if you are a boy scout and you live in the northeast United States, then you could apply for the Carter Scholarship for New England Scouts. There are hundreds of different scholarships just like this one. All applicants applying for these awards must be seniors in high school and they are receiving $ 1500 for their first 2 years of College.

That example would be a regional scholarship; the National Scout Scholarships are awarded every year from $ 3,000 to $ 40,000. These scholarships are for current high school seniors and the elements to be eligible for these scholarships is that you are in financial need, you have some extra curricular accomplishments and what level your scouting has been.

Another section of scholarships would be the Nonprofit Based Scout Scholarship. These scholarships are awarded by some privately run companies. For example, if you are an Eagle Scout you may apply for the $ 1,000 Frank D Visceglia Memorial Scholarship and it is provided by the Assoication for Commercial Real Estate and the National Association of Industrial and Office Parks.

There are Religion and Ethnic Based Scout Scholarships. If you already belong to a particular ethnic group there may be some opportunities for you to get extra funding for College. In Freeport, NY, there is an organization called Eastern Orthodox Committee on Scouting. They offer $ 1,000 scholarships and a $ 500 scholarship for Eagle Scouts or Gold Award Girl Scouts. If you live in the area, contact them and find out what the requirements should be to obtain these scholarships.

There are other scholarships that offer more money and some offer less. For Girl Scouts there are scholarships like the Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation, this scholarship is awarded by the Elks Foundation and they offer up to $ 6,000 all over a 4 year period. There are scholarships from College and University Scout Scholarships. These are from universities that have a deep affiliation with the scouts. Now these are some Colleges who would like you to attend their colleges and in return there would be additional money offered. Such Colleges would be Albright College in Reading, PA, Lebanon Valley College, PA, Texas A & M University, Syracuse University in NY and Stanford University just to name a few.

Finding funding for College no matter what organization that you belong to can be difficult. If you belong to an organization that offers scholarships that are not for everyone then you have a chance to build up some additional funding for College. It canít hurt to take some time, talk to scout leaders and find out everything you can about these scholarship.
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