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Is College Right For Me?

Many high school students soon to be graduates have a lot to think about. With the economy the way it is right now and more jobs being lost, is now the right time for me to attend College? This question has been asked by many students over the years, should they take some time off and work or go straight into College. Most parents would answer College but we have to question what is right for us as students.

Right now, College tuitions are expensive and on the rise. If we choose to attend College right from High School, there are student loans that have to be applied for and the question remains is there going to be a job for me when I do graduate. College for some is a good choice right after High School but the important part is making sure that you major in a field where you can get a job. This will require a lot of research on your part.

You will have to find the growing fields and stay away from majors where the employment opportunities are minimal. You can talk to your parents or your high school guidance counselors to ask for help. While the economy is not so great at this time, you wonít be graduating for 4 years which in time it can improve. If you are leaning more to not attending College after High School, this can be tricky too.

In order to get a great job, you will need experience and some education. Possibly attending College part time and working part time would be a better solution for you. Like attending College full time, choose your major carefully. Then you can try to look for a part time job with a company that holds your interest. Explain to them that you would like to work in the field and you are attending College part time and working part time because you need experience as well as education.

If attending College is not something you can afford to do right now, then possibly apply for an internship at a company that is associated with your career choice. You can work around the internship, this way you are getting hands on experience and when you can afford to, attend College either full time or part time.

Before you make any decisions, you should really sit down and explain to your parents the reasons for your choices. Some students just want a break after going to school for so many years. College is a choice not a requirement but you have to think about your future and how you can great a good job with decent pay based on either going or not going to school. Do some research and show your parents statistics and how many jobs are out there now.

Overall it is your decision and this is one that you should not take lightly. Students often say I can always go to College later and believe it or not most do not. Think about it and donít wait for the last minute to make a decision.
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