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Freshman Orientation

Every year, every College will host a Freshman Orientation. This is a seminar of what to expect as freshman. Since this includes the entire freshman class, it wonít be about each curriculum but as your experience as a whole. You will learn some tips about navigating your way through the campus, if you are living on campus they will talk about dorm life and what to expect. This Orientation usually takes place a week before school starts. Every College has a different structure to Freshman Orientation, once you have been accepted and you are enrolled in your College, you will receive a Welcome Packet and the outline of the Freshman Orientation will be covered.

This is not mandatory but it is a good idea to attend. Not only will you find out everything you can about being a Freshman but you will get to meet other freshman too. You have to realize every person at the Freshman Orientation is in the exact same boat as you. It can be intimidating to be surrounded by a lot of people but they donít know anyone either. It is easier to strike up a conversation with someone even if they are not in your curriculum. When you attend College you want to surround yourself with a diverse group of people. It is great to make friends with your classmates but it is also a good idea to meet students from other majors.

If there are foreign students then you will want to try to make friends with them. They may have the hardest time making friend since they are from another country. You can learn so much from someone when they donít have the same life experiences as you do. Freshman may always think of College like High School, if they meet students from the upper class that they may feel more popular or more protected. Since the Freshman Class can include over 500 or more students depending on what size school you are going to, you will realize that there are no popular cliques anymore or athletic cliques. There are just students who are looking for a higher education and are looking for a few good friends to go through the next 4 years with.

Try to be more open about who choose to be friends with. Throw away the old concept of high school and be friends with everyone you can. You donít have to be friends with the pretty girls to be admired or the College quarterbacks to feel popular. College is not a popularity contest, it is a place where adults come and get an education. The education that they receive in College will affect their occupation when they graduate.

If you donít take it seriously you can ruin your career before you get started. Attend your Freshman Orientation and get to know the students who are taking this journey with you. Make friends based on others looking for friendship. These same students at orientation that will be in your dorms, in your cafeteria and in your classes. Everyone is worth knowing.
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