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Choosing Your High School Courses

If you are going to be a Junior or Senior in High School now may be the time to start preparing what your courses are going to be. Most high schools allow their students to choose electives and College Prep Classes when the time comes and if you are going to be a Junior to Senior then now is the time. Of course you have to take required classes but if you room on your schedule for an additional class or two them you should consider taking an Advanced Placement or AP course.

Choosing your classes for high school is very important and you should think about what classes are offered and which one are going to help you when you get into College. For example, if you are going to go to school for business and the classes that are offered to you as an elective are Accounting, Typing or Business Law, which would you, choose. Sure typing is a great skill to have but this can be selftaught with some practice. Learning the basics of Business Law or Accounting can really be useful.

Some students swear that when they fill their requirements they will not take another class but if you are fortunate to get done your required classes, now is the best time to take advantage of the Advanced Placement Classes. You can check with your guidance counselor on how many of these classes you can take. There are so many different classes to take. You can choose anything from Biology, Chemistry, History, English, Languages, and Math. These classes will give you a better understanding of what type of work will be expected of you in College.

If you are in the process of choosing a College, by taking the Advanced Placement courses you can really enhance your College resume. Colleges look for students who want to take the initiative and start looking to prepare for College. They want students who are serious in their education. You have a better chance of gaining admissions over a student who has not taken or is going to take these AP classes. Once you start High School your goal is to start preparations for College. So forget about that Home Economics class that you were going to take for an easy A and enroll in an AP class or in a class that will fit right in with your major in College.

Use the time you have in High School and put together a schedule that you can handle and one that will look great to Colleges. With so many students looking to get into a good College, every advantage that you can get a hold of, it would be in your best interest to do so. You will see more College acceptances if you work hard and take your education even in high school seriously. Talk to your parents and your guidance counselor to work on getting the classes that you want.
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