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Best College Towns - Amherst, Massachusetts

Amherst, Massachusetts

The town of Amherst in Massachusetts is in Hampshire County. It is situated along the Connecticut River Valley. This town is home to three of the best colleges in Massachusetts. These three colleges are The University of Massachusetts Amherst, Hampshire College, and Amherst College.

The University of Massachusetts in Amherst consists of a series of concentric rings. Its outermost ring includes the barns and fields of the animal science program, playing fields, admission center, and parking lots. The central ring consists of the dining commons and 6 residential areas. Meanwhile, the innermost ring has the most research laboratories and classroom buildings. There is also the Campus Center Hotel and the Fletcher’s Café.

As one of the best college towns in the United States, Amherst consists of various points of interests that are appealing to the students. One of these is the Dickinson Homestead, which is the place of birth and lifelong residence of Emily Dickinson, a prominent poet. The residence is now a museum. For local theater that features independent and art films, students will enjoy visiting the Amherst Cinema Arts Center.

The tallest library in the United States with 26 stories is located in Amherst. This library is The W.E.B Du Bois Library. There is also the Hitchcock Ichnological Cabinet, and the Amherst College Museum of Natural History. Other points of interests in the city include the Theodore Baird Residence, the Horse Caves, the National Yiddish Book Center, and the Eric Carle Museum of Picture Book Art.

Aside from the tallest library in Amherst, there is also the Jones Library. This library is a public library that showcases special collections of local history and the historical works of Robert Frost and Emily Dickinson. To celebrate the anniversary of the town every year, there is the Digital Amherst that uses documents, multimedia, and images.

What makes Amherst an archetypal New England college town is its pleasant blend of retirees, academics, and students. Apart from being a college town, Amherst is also an interesting place to visit especially during autumn. Spectacular fall shrubberies are displayed throughout the entire town. Views of these shrubberies are seen through the university campuses, hiking trails, and surrounding mountains. During this season as well, students and tourists can participate as well in various agricultural activities such as hayrides, farmer’s markets, and apple picking. It is also the time of the year when college students are bustled on the streets making the town crowded and congested. The students add to the youthful atmosphere of Amherst making the town more energetic and lively.

There are many things to see in Amherst such as art galleries, museums, and book centers. Apart from the top three colleges mentioned above, there is also Smith College and Mt. Holyoke found nearby, which are both respected and highlyranked college for women. Since the population of students in town is huge, there are frequently held concerts as well as other activities catering to the college crowd. There are the Amherst Cinema, Fine Arts Center, Mullins Center, and the Norwottuck Rail Trail.
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