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The Environment

What is happening to our planet right now, in 2007? Do you know that our body of water is being polluted and the air we breathe is filled of toxins? How about our animals? The most important is our trees. I believe as people living on this planet we need to work together and make it healthier to live here. I am not sure how to explain this really. I just want people to know that this planet, this place where we live is started to be dangerous. With fuels from cars in the air, we breathe in these gases, and we get ill. Also, the animals that become endangered from hunters. We should help protect and save the animals not kill them. The trees are the most important. We need them to live and breathe. I believe we should change some of our ways. No littering, no polluting, no hunting animals, no killing without growing another, planting flowers or having a small garden, help protect and save our planet. I am not a tree hugger. I just want our next generation to keep living. I would like this planet to keep going. But the only way our planet will continue living is if we do something ALL OF US. I hope I can try to alert people of what should be done to help our planet. I mean this is our planet and we should do something we can't let it die. This is where we all live and need to be able to keep it that way. What if we keep polluting our waters, littering our streets/lakes and oceans or what about polluting our air? Our planet would be a mess and really dirty. How would we live? How would our animals live? Animals are beginning to become extinct. We still continue to save our animals especially the ones were loosing. Littering is a big problem at lakes and in the ocean. For example, some people are not responsible they leave there trash lying around, blows into the lake/ocean a fish gets caught, and dies. Or how about dumping toxins into the oceans? Our animals live here too. We are not the only ones present. If there are animal lovers out there and/or reading this, shouldn't we help? We should be more involved. Our animals depend on us. We are ones who should protect and save them. I am not saying we are not already; I just want more people to know. I would like this to be known to the world. I wanted to write about this because I wanted to reach out to people who do believe this is important and maybe spread the word. I may not be totally correct or 100 percent on these things but I am very confident in trying. I would like to try rather then to give up. So I conclude with this we as the people living on this creation we call earth we must try to save our planet. I am confident that this is a try and a start to telling people about what I believe and use a voice that can be heard. This is something that I believe in. I am really hoping this article doesn’t offend anyone or hurt anyone or make someone believe in something they don't want I just want you all to know this is my voice and I am going to use. How will you respond? How will you use your voice? Will you pass this on? Please, all I ask is to pass this on and talk about it don't let something so important not be heard. Make this known to the world because this is that important.
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