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Is it wrong to fall in love at a young age?

Is it healthy to fall in love at a young age? There is no correct answer to this because the only person who can control the emotions going on inside of your body is you and sometimes even then you can not be in control. I know what it is like to be in love at just the tender age of 14 and to feel as if you are in the right and that noone else knows what is "right" for you.Thinking of this experience, I think that it was a good memory to have as well as a difficult one to feel. The reason why I do not say that this is "bad" is because I think that "bad" is a word that would express a relationship as a mistake, which in my eyes, I do not. (Although many might disagree.) Why should fond memories of this relationship be overtaken by hurtfall ones? Why put yourself through the hurt and upset of thinking that the time you spent with that person was wasted? It is not as if you've done something against the law. You've just fallen for a guy or girl who may not have the respect that you know for a fact you deserve. Having such a strong relationship at such a young age was an experiance that has taught me for the better rather than the worse. Having those feelings taught me that you have to consider over people and to also stand up for yourself. The knowledge I now have (which I didn't have then) of how someone can treat me and why someone may say certain things to me has matured me in such a way that I didn't think was possible. The lesson of love I learned is knowledge that i can pass on. So think of it as an experience and thrive on the knowledge now rather than depress yourself.
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