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Today's generation

It seems to me that almost every generation has a group of leaders that define a large section of it. The emotion and turmoil revolving a portion of the people. The 1920s had flappers, the 30s doesn't count because no one had any money, but FDR could be considered a national leader, the 60s had their yippies, 70s had feminists and a new Conservative Right, even up to the 90s grunge rock and people like Kurt Cobain expressed the emotion of a sizable portion of that youth. But when I look at today, and the leaders, or atleast the people the Youth pay attention to, I don't see any leaders. I see a lot of strife, but no one who is standing up and adequately expressing that emotion. At least that's how I feel, lost. Maybe like Jack Kerouc or Allen Ginsberg, I'm part of a new Lost Generation. I can't find any idols to express how I feel. I hear a lot of people complaining but I don't see anyone doing anything. It would seem to me, that if this were a time when revolutionary leaders were common, and young people actually had people like the figures of the past, a lot more people would be acting upon their frustration. I think that's a good term for the emotion we have, frustration. Youth today is so disconnected with the previous generation and there is an ever widening gap between the members of teen culture today. Maybe it's always that there's a huge gap, but it seems so distant to me between people I know who are part of a minority culture, any minority culture and myself and my culture. There's a gap between myself and my parentsI'm so technologically advanced, and I'm showing my mom how to work itunes. A gap between the rap/R&B culture and the punk rocker culture. It seems so strange to me that when it wasn't all that long ago that these great men and women were fighting so hard for all types of equalitymy generation is almost undoing all that effort by selfsegregating ourselves. Not that social circumstances don't aide racial segregationwhen the poorest population is black and hispanic and that population lives in the same part of town those children are bound to go to the same school which is different from the rich kids who live in the richer neighborhoods. However, it wasn't too long ago that women were fighting for equal rights; yet now it is expected that when I grow up I get married, have kids and somehow manage to be a supersoccermom who works fulltime and manages to have dinner cooked at night and keep the house clean, or live alone as some sort of working woman who is completely desexualized and spends her life working for some big corporation. What would the great leaders of yesterday say about today? I really don't know. Somehow I don't think they'd be too pleased with how little this generation has done to overcome any obstacles, minus the great obstacle of stealing music and movies over the internet and the task of learning how to text 70 words per minute. It just doesn't seem right. Is it because we are so hightech that we are so dehumanized? Could it be that the hours so many teenagers spend blogging and on myspace causes us to lack the social interaction needed to spark change? It doesn't seem right because all of this new technolgy has only made communication easier. After all, that's how the vast majority of our time if spent, conversing digitally with our friends. So it would seem logical that with the easy transporation of messages from person to person, more people would be involved in the real world, and I don't mean the reality TV show. When it seems like so many people are crying out, ar atleast mumbling that they are unhappy with the current administration and the war we are part of, that more people would be acting upon that emotion. It would seem to me that more people would care about important issues rather than if Lindsey Lohan has checked into rehab. Lindsey Lohan does not influence world politics and Lindsey Lohan is not the reason that 3000+ American soldiers have died for a war the majority of the country doesn't support. It would seem to me that if everyone is so worried about what Rosie O'Donnell has to say about gun control, more people would be worried about what the president has to say about ignoring Constitutional Rights. Maybe that's just me, but it seems very strange that in the world where anyone can learn about anything more people would be learning about things that might actually matter a few years down the road.
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