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Music. Good or Bad?

Music. Good or Bad? Music. Does it have subliminal, direct, sex, or even angry messages that have gotten into the minds of the children? Where Marlin Mansion got sued for supposedly putting messages such as “Get the gun” in his music; a kid killing himself; his parents holding Mansion responsible. Or a rapper rapping about how crappy his life is. Does the pop music cause a major growth in teenage sex rates from song like ‘‘bump in grind’’? Does music influence our lives? Do we need music? Would suicide rates, teenage pregnancies, rapes, and homicide rates go down if we got rid of music all together? Or infact would they go up and off the chart? Could they stay the same? Or would we need to get rid of all the violence in movies, TV, music, video games, and on the Internet to get rates down? Would any of this ever be possible? To make life a happier safer place? I think not, without music and TV or even the Internet these days I think the rates would go extremely high. Without music I think I would most defiantly go kill myself because some other stuff just doesn’t vent the anger as well as music. Would you ever vent your anger on somebody if you didn’t have music or your favorite movie that would be associated with violence? Would you ever go crazy or maybe just a little ballistic? Do you think you could live without violence? Or just go back to the days where you had to do everything by hand and no machines where there to help you? Don’t you think that if we got rid of music it would start to go back into those days? We would put out music artist on the streets. What else would they be good at? If they want to get violence rates down so bad why haven’ they thought about music yet? If everybody’s blaming their problems about the music they listen to, why don’t they stop listing to it? So if somebody is blaming something on others things or people it’s just their problems in action. Such as a big argument in your family and somebody ate the chocolate cherries now they’re blaming it on you; and you weren’t even home. Could you vent your anger on something else besides listing to your favorite music because it makes you feel better? Lets say you just got grounded for 3 years would you go strait to your room, lock it; and turn up your stereo louder than anything? I know I would. If you were stuck babysitting and weren’t aloud on the phone or computer and no friends were aloud over. Would you listen to music? Don’t most people love to dance? Could you dance happily without music? Everybody has to dance at least one time in their life can it be to music they like? Now it’s up to you. What do you think of music?
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