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I think we all under – estimate how much bulling can affect people during their life. Over the years, many people have had the theory that a reason why people bully is because they feel bad about themselves or are having troubles in their own life so they try to make others worse. I know from experience that getting bullied isn’t easy to ignore or deal with because where ever you go, you feel scared, and start to lose all confidence in yourself.

Unfortunately, for some people that are getting harassed, it can lead to many things like; low self esteem, depression and sadly enough, suicide. What I would like to see are these victims of bullying telling somebody that can help before it escalates and gets worse. If you would like to seek help on how to deal with bullying, go and see either a school teacher, principal, guidance officer and sometimes telling your parents can help so they can give you support and suggest some options on how to fix it.

There are many forms of bullying such as verbal abuse, physical, sexual harassment, and more. There are also other ways people are getting bullied including; over the internet, via SMS, passing notes, taunting people and intimidation.

I recently asked some people about their experiences with bullying and how they deal/dealt with bullying.

"When I was younger, I used to get bullied everyday at school and I wouldn’t tell anyone because I was scared that they would tease me more. One day I was really upset about it and I told her how much it affected me and she suggested that I tell a teacher at school. After a week, I took her advice and told my year 7 teacher. Luckily for me, the bullying decreased a lot for me. Even though to this day, I still get bullied, ever since I got help, I can deal with it much better and I have taught myself to ignore it and walk away.”

“In primary school, I was teased a lot because of my weight by my pears. I would be embarrassed to eat at lunch because people would laugh and point at me. Everyday I used to go home and cry about being bullied. After a bit, I told my parents and they gave me the courage I needed to go to school everyday. My mum suggested I tell a teacher at the school so I decided to tell the principal. Ever since then bullying hasn’t been a big issue but now I’ve lost some weight, so I feel better about myself so I can just ignore what they say because I am happy with myself just the way I am.”

The next time you bully someone, try putting yourself in their shoes, and imagine how it would feel, or the next time you witness someone being harassed, go and get help or tell someone.

Please be like these people and seek help.
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