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The Texas Chainsaw Massacre: Based On A True Story

Everyone has heard stories of this horrible story. But as the preview of the movie says, this is based on a true story. Is it true?

Not totally.

First off, the story that the movie was based upon did not even happen in Texas. It happened in Plainfield, Wisconsin. And other movies such as Saw and Psycho were also based on this bizarre story.

A film you might want to see that based closely on the life of the Wisconsin serial killer is entitled, Ed Gein. On November 17, 1957 police in Plainfield, Wisconsin arrived at the farmhouse of Edward Gein who was a suspect in the robbery of a local hardware store and to the disappearance of the owner, Bernice Worden.

Inside, junk and rotting garbage covered the floor and counters, so much so that it was almost impossible to walk through the rooms. Amidst the nearoverwhelming stench of utter filth and decomposition, the local sheriff felt something brush against his jacket as he was checking the kitchen, using only a flashlight for illumination.

When he looked up to see what it was, he faced a large, dangling carcass hanging upside down from the beams. The carcass had been decapitated, slit open and gutted, much as a hunter wouldíve done to a deer heíd brought down. Except, this body wasnít a deer or any other four
legged denizen of the woods. It was the headless butchered body of a woman, Bernice Worden.

While the deputies searched through Eddie Geinís "home" in a state of horrified shock, they realized that the morbid discoveries didnít end with the decapitated body. They had stumbled into a death farm.

The contents of that dwelling were ghoulish: a funnylooking bowl that was actually the top of a human skull, lampshades and wastebaskets, even an armchair made from human skin, female genitalia kept preserved in a shoebox, a belt made of nipples, a human head, four noses and a heart.

With each discovery the unthinkable horror within them grew until they found what appeared to be Geinís "masterpiece": an entire suit made from human skin. Now, why would anyone want to do this to people (as if it could be justified)?

I am adding links to the story about Ed Gein. Hopefully you will find them as intriging as I did.
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