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Yup, my daughter is bisexual...

I just told my mom i am bisexual last week! I didnt even plan on telling her for a sort of just slipped out. We were talking about my cousin and how she is bisexual. I asked my mom what she thought of know if she thought it was gross or wrong. She said she doesnt have a problem with it, she just doesnt agree with it. Whatever that means right? Then all of a sudden she goes If you were homosexual would you tell me or would you be too afraid? I jus asked if she would have a problem with it. She responded by telling me that she would still love me no matter what...she just wouldnt agree with my sexual preference. Even then i couldnt tell her. Then later that night she was talkin to her friend about me and i heard her say Oh, and my daughter is a lesbian SO i asked her if she thought that because i was talking about my cousin and friend being bi. She said she was just kidding. So she kept on talkin to her friend about it and the next thing i knew i was jus yelling it! Mom! Im not a lesbian for christs sake! Im bisexual! I was frozen! I couldnt believe i had jus said that out loud! My mom jus laffed and said to her friend Oh shes bisexual now Then i was like Mom im not kidding! Im bisexual! So then she gets quiet and asks How do you know if youve never been with a girl? And i say How did you know you were straight before you had sex with a guy? And then she states to her friend Yup, my daughter is bisexual. and that was that! She acted (and still acts) completely normal around me....but i cant help but wonder if she is really thinking something negative about me. But all in all I am glad that is is finally off my chest...I feel a lot better.
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