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Effects On Your Child By Cyber Bullying

Kids who are bullied by any one regardless if it is via computer or face to face can experience the effects of daytoday abuse. When bullying continues over a long period of time there are going to be some physical as well as some emotional effects. Some of the most common effects of cyber bullying may be loss of selfesteem. A child who once had a healthy level of selfesteem may have that level shattered by someone who has gotten to them. They may become increasing frustrated, angry and they may become withdrawn as well.

Victims of cyber bullying may become depressed and isolated; if you notice this in your child then you have to address it right away. Most children think that they can handle cyber bullying but the more your child has to deal with it the more side effects may emerge. Victims who once loved to go shopping or play sports with their friends have now avoided socializing all together. You may notice that your child who once loved going online has stayed away from the computer. This may be a sign of what is happening.

There are some victims that become so depressed that they believe that they have no choice and they believe that there is no help that they think that suicide is the answer. There are two famous cases involving cyber bullying, the case of Ryan Halligan and Megan Meier. Cyber bullying is not a joke and authorities are taking it very seriously.

Teenagers are not the only people who can be targeted by cyber bullies. Adults can be affected as well. Though you may think that since these are adults they can handle it better, you would be surprised. Adults who are cyber bullied often have their jobs, safety and financial status at risk. Cyber stalking is more geared towards adults and you would be surprised to know how many adults are actually victims of cyber stalking.

The motives behind cyber bullying may differ depending on if the victim is a child or an adult. Some motives include control, conflict of interest, and money motivated and even romantic, if you can believe it. The reasons for why people become bullies are many but the goal is to put a stop to it. Children as well as adults are often embarrassed and they are too afraid to tell anyone. The effects on people who are victims of cyber bullying may find it easier to deal with if they just confide in someone.

If you are a victim of cyber bullying, talk to someone. You can get help if you confide in someone like a teacher, friend, local Police or a coworker. These matters can be dealt with a lot easier when you have some support. For those too embarrassed to ask for help should get online and find out as much information as you can. You should not let anyone take anything away from you that will affect the person you are. If you give over the control then they win.
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