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Eating Disorders and College

Eating Disorders have become more common among College students. The reason may be from the pressures of college, the long study sessions or just the idea that students have to be thin to fit in. Some students find it hard to make that change from High School to College in the way that the popular kids in High School got all the good looking dates and they kind of ruled the school. But in College there are no cliques and there are no in crowds. The nice thing about College is that all students start off on a level playing field. Chances are the popular high school kids will not be attending the same College.

You have to realize this so you can take off that added pressure. There are many other reasons for eating disorders. It will hard for the person with the disorder to see that they have one, so it may be up to the roommates and friends to understand what to look for is you suspect that your friend has an eating disorder. Here are some signs of Anorexia that you may be able to spot.

Number 1: Some Anorexia sufferers tend to wear big clothes. The reason why this is is because they want to hide underneath the layers of clothing so they won’t feel like people are judging them on the way they look.

Number 2: See if you can tell any dramatic weight losses in recent weeks. Anorexics often drop a good amount of weight rather quickly.

Number 3: See if you can notice that they are a bit pickier about what they are eating or not eating. Some Anorexics tend to skip meals and drink a lot of water or perhaps chew a lot of gun rather than eat a meal.

Another eating disorder to watch for is Bulimia. Bulimia is said to be more common among people who come from a more upper class society or perhaps someone who is in athletics. Bulimia tends to affect those people who feel the need to be accepted and feel the need to be the best in the surroundings. One of the best ways to tell if someone is bulimic is to see if they are obsessed about eating and their weight. Often bulimics purge after eating while anorexics tend not to eat.

If you are concerned about a roommate or a friend from school, talk to them and ask them if there is something wrong and let them know that you are available if they need to talk. If the condition seems to get worse talk to your school nurse and see what they suggest you can do. Confronting someone who you suspect has an eating disorder may not be something that you want to do; they may become withdrawn or perhaps mad. Get some advice before talking to your friend about a suspected eating disorder.
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