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Bullying Among Teenage Girls

The ageold saying is that women or girls are the most judgmental has a ring of truth to it. Girls when they get along with their friends are the most loyal people on the world but they can also be the meanest. There are more cases every year of bullying among teenage girls especially the younger girls between the ages of 12 and 15 years old. I wish there was a way to end it all but we just have to be open and aware of what our children are going through.

The popular girls or girls who are portrayed in movies like the Lindsey Lohan movie, Mean Girls are found in every school. These girls are popular, pretty and they have a lot of friends. But at the same time as the external confidence is there, they find themselves becoming more and more pressured into being mean to girls who are not perfectly thin or have boyfriends.

There is usually one or two in a group who start out making fun of people from a distance and soon enough they have the whole group making of fun of people not from a distance but up close. Some girls start to bully others just because the others are. This is unacceptable in the schools and it should be unacceptable in the homes as well. Girls who are being bullied may not be popular; they may be smart, a little quieter than the other girls. These girls are often a target for bullying. Girls who are overweight are often targets as well.

This article is for parents of teenage girls; we try not to think that our girls would never make fun of someone to the extent of where school officials and even Police get involved. Peer Pressure can really make someone do something that they wouldnít normally do. If another parent or a school official comes to you and says that their daughter is a target of your daughter and her friends, please take it seriously. If you donít you are showing your daughter than you believe everything they say as gospel and that it gives them reign to pick on someone else.

We are not saying you canít believe what your kids are saying but simply, talk to them and find out what is going on. If they say the other girl is lying, then find out why they would think that. Call the parents of your childís friends and see if there has been the same complaint. Consider why the picked on girl would make up a story about being bullied by the group of girls that your daughter is a friend with. If you are a parent of the child being bullied, talk to your child and request a meeting at school.

Bullying is not tolerated at most schools and you want to straighten the mess out before something bad happens. The best way to help your daughter is to find out who is bullying her and find a way to stop it. Have her keep a journal of every time it happens and gather as much evidence as you need. No one has the right to bully another person; you never know when the tables could turn.
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